Peterborough Co-operative Homes Inc.


Peterborough Co-operative Homes Inc. was the first not-for-profit housing co-op built in Peterborough.  It was built in five phases with the first construction taking place in 1979.  We now have 59 townhouse units – five 2-bedrooms, fifty-three 3-bedrooms and one 4-bedroom.  Twenty-six of the units are in the Applewood area (behind Kawartha Heights School) and the rest are on Chamberlain Place.  One of the Chamberlain units is used as our office.

We strive to be a community where people can feel comfortable in their well-maintained homes, where children can be nurtured and where seniors can feel safe.

Together we make policies that work for us.  We meet to discuss budgets and future plans.  We gather for social occasions.  The things we value are :  affordability, a safe environment, a friendly atmosphere and a sense of community.